Are you aware that sanitary pads cause cancer? If not, please read this!

In this world of wonder, strange things happen! We invent, engage, associate, learn, unlearn and relearn things. Life follows a complete cycle to discover and rediscover newer facts. With newer facts come newer inventions and with newer inventions come newer threats. In this reference, let’s discuss sanitary napkins, which most of the females have been using regularly, each month to stay safe from the challenges of spotting. Now, here comes a few deadly effects of using these napkins:

1. The dioxins used in napkins can cause cancer: Dioxin brings side effects in the body resulting in pelvic inflammatory disease, ovarian cancer, immune system damage, impaired fertility and diabetes. This chemical is used to bleach the cotton/material for making it absorbent. Dioxin accumulates in the body fat and can also add up to the residual levels over time.
In 1993, a study revealed that 79% of a group of monkeys in the US developed endometriosis after being exposed to dioxin in their food. Another research showed that a short-term exposure to dioxin can cause skin darkening and altered liver function.
The napkins also use other deadly product, superabsorbent polymers (SAPs). This product was once restricted in US in tampons due to its possible link in triggering toxic shock syndrome.
The chemical contaminants of the napkins accumulate in bodies threatening the reproductive health. Also, there is an element of fiber in the absorbent pads which can cause cervical cancer. As sanitary pads are made up of cellulose gel, the dioxin can cause ovarian cancer. Napkins also contain rayon, which when bleached, releases dioxin which is really harmful for our body.

2. The pesticides and herbicides can trigger thyroid problems: The cotton used in pads is being sprayed with pesticides and herbicides. These chemicals can cause harm when they reach your bloodstream. They can cause thyroid malfunction, infertility and other health problems.

3. The deodorants used in napkins can cause infertility and birth defects: As these sanitary napkins have deodorants, they come along with some chemicals in the scented pads. These pads can complicate the baby’s embryonic development. The scented feminine hygiene products can also trigger irritation and yeast infection which can lead to other health complications.
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4. The sanitary napkins can result in bacterial infection: Once you use sanitary napkins, you become prone to bacterial growth and other similar infections. Its prolonged use triggers overgrowth of staphylococcus aureus bacteria which results in toxic shock syndrome. Dizziness, fever and diarrhoea are a few of its symptoms.

Now, it’s a time for you to take a call! what kind of neatness you want to follow; chemical free or the one which comes with loads of challenges. The final call is yours ! So make a right choice!