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A still from Padman



Padmavat dejected, but Padman accepted whole-heartedly by Rajasthan Govt.

After saying a big NO to Padmavat, Rajasthan has accorded a warm welcome to Padman, a film starring Akshay Kumar, which focusses on women’s menstrual hygiene.

So impressed is Rajasthan government with the movie that it has decided to distribute free sanitary napkins to females. Also the film has been declared as tax-free in Rajasthan.

Recently, announcing the Budget 2018 for the state, the chief minister of Rajasthan, Vasundhara Raje Scindia announced the distribution of free sanitary napkins for females under the age group of 15-45 years through schools,

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Padmavat wins all battles, but we feel defeated coz we couldn’t see it!

Finally, Padmavat has emerged as a winner! Combating all challenges and bypassing all blockades, it has managed to hit the screens and is earning laurels all across.

As lot has been said and done on streets before the release of the film, my curiosity to watch the film is multiplying each day. With all my interest and heart poured into it, I am forced to satisfy my quest by simply watching the trailers of the film with Deepika dressed like a queen. Am appalled to watch the lavish sets and grand

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When kites gave a learning lesson to all!


Initially, they were a little resistant to go up, then they were let loose; zag, they came down; again, they were let loose and enabled to go up; yeah; they were seen going up; then again, they were given a little more freedom, and wow, they touched the skies.

Making a mark for themselves rising high on the horizons, these kites shared the success mantra.

They shared how they were resistant to go up initially as they enjoyed to be in their comfort zone, initially, sitting idly in

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A scenic view of Pushkar



Hills, desert, lake, temples, ghats! This town has it all…

Pushkar is beautiful; Pushkar is pristine and it does paint a colourful picture in your mind once you visit this old hamlet.

Now let’s see how this town instils a lifetime memory of its ‘cultural gallies’ which refuse to fade away throughout the life.

Soak cultural legacy: The cultural legacy remains intact in the compact lanes of this old town. Experience the religious fervour, soak in the sacred spirit and wrap the serenity spread around the enchanting hills.

Shop till you drop: The beautiful and colourful stuffs

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For two days, Fortis Jaipur charged Rs 2.75 lakh but my dad couldn’t be saved

Delhi government recently cancelled the licence of Max Shalimar Bagh and believe me, I feel that this is the best ever decision made by any government against the errant and greedy medical authorities. This December 16, it will be a year when I lost my dad who was being treated at Fortis Jaipur. They charged Rs 2.75 lakh for two days. The third day, they had put tape on his eyes, his body organs were not functioning, but the ventilator cost and medicine bill was adding to their revenue and

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Is this the time to Quit Delhi to avoid pollution attacking your lungs?

At a time when Quit Delhi campaign is going viral, I happened to meet a traveller from Denmark who has stopped visiting Delhi since last four years as she thinks that Indian capital is no more a decent place to be visited. She was quite excited when we started discussing India. She said that she has been visiting India every alternate year as she is into garment business.

“I am in love with India and its people. I love its culture and heritage. But Jaipur is something which remains very close to

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Picture of the Gem and Jewellery museum in Jaipur



Story of the stone goes live in Jaipur @Gems and Jewellery Museum

Does the pristine beauty of stones available in vibrant array of colours fascinate you? Do you love flipping through the pages of Jaipur history to know more about its gem and jewellery industry? Are you keen to explore the world of stones ? Does the exquisite jewellery entice you? If you have ‘yes’ as answer to all these questions, then you should visit the new Gem and Jewellery Museum in Jaipur which opened its doors to visitors on Sept 26, 2017.

Situated in the heart of the city in Rajasthan Chambers

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Are you aware that sanitary pads cause cancer? If not, please read this!

In this world of wonder, strange things happen! We invent, engage, associate, learn, unlearn and relearn things. Life follows a complete cycle to discover and rediscover newer facts. With newer facts come newer inventions and with newer inventions come newer threats. In this reference, let’s discuss sanitary napkins, which most of the females have been using regularly, each month to stay safe from the challenges of spotting. Now, here comes a few deadly effects of using these napkins:

1. The dioxins used in napkins can cause cancer: Dioxin brings side effects

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Post Gandhi era, weaving brings another social revolution-of-its-kind in this tiny village!

Tucked in the interiors of Jaipur, there lies a beautiful village Manpura, which keeps mesmerising the tourists with its natural beauty.

This village has yet another interesting, immersive and inspiring story to share. It houses some 80-100 women weavers who are working from home, but in a unique fashion. They have a loom being set inside their houses where they could be seen weaving beautiful designs of carpets, tying knot by knot, which are helping them garner global acclaims.

Most of them are illiterate, yet, they

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Say ‘No’ to the tyranny of Triple Talaq and stop being under the hammer of Halala!

Years after years, many Muslim women have been bearing the brunt of being tormented and tortured by so-called ‘monkey-turned-man’, who is yet to learn to recognise woman as a human being.

A section of Muslim man still see woman as a virtue of a product, which can be hitched, ditched and thrown away for any minor glitch, at ‘his’ mercy.

Such tortures have ruined many lives of Muslim women in the name of “Triple Talaq’ and Halala.

Now, when government is taking initiative to curb this practice, don’t you

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