Let’s reinvent kitchen with clay-made vessels

Am going back to basics! Surprised? Ok, now let me elaborate! I am reinventing my kitchen which is sure to go for a makeover.

My steel and aluminium vessels are slowly going off the shelves and are being replaced by clay-made utensils. Yeah, you can say that I am revisiting those old good days.

While chapatis in my kitchen are now being  cooked on a reddish brown clay-made pan, curd and milk are also being kept in the same-kind vessels.

earthern-vesselNow, you must be surprised why am I doing so! It's because clay-made vessels help us in maintaining our health. it restores the natural taste of food being cooked and also retains its nutrient value, which, at times, get lost in aluminium and steel vessel.

Moisture and heat circulate easily in clay pots due to their porous nature. And hence the vegetable gets cooked slowly, maintaining its natural taste.

Also, as clay has alkaline nature, it balances the PH factor of food by interacting with acid presence in the food.

So try different this Diwali! You know you will be take care of your health and nature by getting a makeover of your kitchen!