Say ‘No’ to the tyranny of Triple Talaq and stop being under the hammer of Halala!

Years after years, many Muslim women have been bearing the brunt of being tormented and tortured by so-called ‘monkey-turned-man’, who is yet to learn to recognise woman as a human being.

A section of Muslim man still see woman as a virtue of a product, which can be hitched, ditched and thrown away for any minor glitch, at ‘his’ mercy.

Such tortures have ruined many lives of Muslim women in the name of “Triple Talaq’ and Halala.

Now, when government is taking initiative to curb this practice, don’t you think too much is being said and written about Triple Talaq?

This is a practice which should have been put to an end immediately without doing so much of gaga about it. Lakhs of women have already being victimised of this heinous practice.

Are we waiting for some more numbers to be added?

The 3-second uttering of Talaq, Talaq and Talaq has brought endless pain and plight to Muslim women. Their lives have almost turned topsy turvy and they still have tears rolling their eyes when they narrate/share their pain.

However, much to everybody’s surprise, the AIMPLB (All India Muslim Personal Law Board) stands strict against the abolishing of this practice for the reasons they themselves might be knowing.

Are they afraid on the name of Islam or else, are they fearing to embrace change? Whatever may be the reason, but women, as a human, is not being cared for by their Board?

As a Board, it should have stood for the benefit of overall community, however, much to everyone’s surprise, it has failed to provide women liberty, women freedom and women respect!

Isn't this board aware of the fact that around 22 Muslim countries have already abolished Triple Talaq?

No matter if it is Pakistan or Bangladesh, Turkey, Cyprus, Tunisia or Algeria, none of these countries recognise divorce being proceeded outside the court of law.

Even Iran doesn't give validity to Triple Talaq under Sharia Law.

Triple Talaq is only followed by Sunnis across the world.

Then why the AIMPB is hesitant to quell this practice is beyond understanding.

It’s not only Triple Talaq which is ruining the lives of Muslim women. Their emotions and affection are also getting crushed under the hammer of halala.

In this practice, the divorced couple can remarry only if the woman marries another man. This man should subsequently divorce her to get her remarried to her first husband. It’s more like an intervening marriage before the triply divorced couple can remarry each other  and is called Halala.

In fact, this practice should also have been abolished many years back had the AIMPLB aimed for overall eradication of malpractices from their notebook.

But years after years, these Muslim women have suffered badly, from the tyranny of Triple Talaq to the hard hits of Halala! Silently she has withstood it all; but not now!

This is time she should come out; stand out for herself; this is the time to say No; Come out as a women of substance, for it’s not a fight for you, but for millions of daughters who might face the same tortrues if you refuse to stand up now.

So let it be a freedom fight! Come in unison and say no to Triple Talaq!