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Are you aware that sanitary pads cause cancer? If not, please read this!

In this world of wonder, strange things happen! We invent, engage, associate, learn, unlearn and relearn things. Life follows a complete cycle to discover and rediscover newer facts. With newer facts come newer inventions and with newer inventions come newer threats. In this reference, let’s discuss sanitary napkins, which most of the females have been using regularly, each month to stay safe from the challenges of spotting. Now, here comes a few deadly effects of using these napkins:

1. The dioxins used in napkins can cause cancer: Dioxin brings side effects

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Post Gandhi era, weaving brings another social revolution-of-its-kind in this tiny village!

Tucked in the interiors of Jaipur, there lies a beautiful village Manpura, which keeps mesmerising the tourists with its natural beauty.

This village has yet another interesting, immersive and inspiring story to share. It houses some 80-100 women weavers who are working from home, but in a unique fashion. They have a loom being set inside their houses where they could be seen weaving beautiful designs of carpets, tying knot by knot, which are helping them garner global acclaims.

Most of them are illiterate, yet, they

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Say ‘No’ to the tyranny of Triple Talaq and stop being under the hammer of Halala!

Years after years, many Muslim women have been bearing the brunt of being tormented and tortured by so-called ‘monkey-turned-man’, who is yet to learn to recognise woman as a human being.

A section of Muslim man still see woman as a virtue of a product, which can be hitched, ditched and thrown away for any minor glitch, at ‘his’ mercy.

Such tortures have ruined many lives of Muslim women in the name of “Triple Talaq’ and Halala.

Now, when government is taking initiative to curb this practice, don’t you

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Party hard, but talk less in the GST era!

The much-talked about GST regime will soon be ushering into the Indian territory!  Aren’t you inquisitive to know about its repercussion on one of the fastest growing economies of the world? If yes, we hereby discuss the positive as well as negative impacts of GST implementation.

While GST will help you eat easy in restaurant, it will also control your mobiles bills as the services will be expensive under GST era. Also, if you are fed up of paying too many taxes, GST will be extending a helping hand

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These 115 visually challenged tourists say ‘life is beautiful’; they land in Pink City to ‘feel’ the richness of the royal era!

A total of 115 visually challenged tourists had come to Jaipur to feel the richness of this royal city.

They had travelled all the way from Pune to the Pink City after listening to lot many stories about the beautiful monuments this city holds.

While some of them were seen holding hands of each other to get down from the stairs, there were others who were seen standing near the buffet, smelling the aroma of food, spreading around the restaurant.

Watching them on lunch table was a real delight;

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5 takeaways from BJP’s historic win in UP and Uttarakhand

This Holi was different; the streets were seen abuzz with words like Kesariya Holi; the key change in the political equations in UP and Uttarakhand marked the start of a new era; a vision towards building a new India; BJP’s historic win is a case study for one and all! Here we bring 5 takes from BJP’s historic win in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand:

Caste is just a trump card in Indian politics: BJP’s victory proved that caste politics and polarisation are terms coined by a chunk of

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‘Come back Peter, Come back Paul’

It seems this is the right time to sing the kids’ rhyme,
‘Two little dickie birds sitting on a wall,
One named Peter, one named Paul.
Fly away Peter! Fly away Paul!
Come back Peter! Come back Paul’.

You must be surprised why I am recollecting the kids’ poem here.

But, if you are aware, an Indian, in fact, a young Indian, was shot dead recently in the US. Surprisingly, no one wants to take the responsibility of this hate crime. Who, according to you, should be blamed for his death? The racist who attacked him;

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Are you losing out the spring charm to Air Conditioners?

Are you losing out the spring charm to Air Conditioners?

It’s the spring time; the season when nature showers all its beauty on earth! There are flowers blooming around; their enchanting sweet fragrance could be seen inviting you all and wooed by it, you feel like immersing yourself in this heavenly blessing.

But these days, the human soul, it seems, has gone awry. Instead of soaking the natural beauty, the modern-day humans are loving the cool comfort of their closed rooms.

Instead of taking delight in seeing the flowers blooming around, they are

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Sita was separated while Radha was in a relationship; so why make fuss of single status?

Sita was separated, Radha was single but into relationship; so why make fuss of single status?

 Time has changed; this is something we keep hearing from our elder folks.

“Girls are getting bold. They don’t want to adjust at their in-laws’ place; Financial independence is spoiling them; look at the rising number of divorces these days; these girls are opting for separation as they cant adjust. This is just not a part of our culture,” I could hear one of my relative’s discussion yesterday where she

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…And my kid too falls into mobile trap and I feel helpless!

“Again mobile! Aren’t you sick of using it in morning, afternoon, evening and night? You have books, newspaper, notebooks; why cant you sit and study?”

I had to yell at my teenager son looking at his continuously growing fascination for his gadget.

“Mom, I am happy catching Pokemons in New Zealand, Kuala Lumpur, while sitting in the comfort of my house,” he replied immediately when my pitch got louder. Unaffected, he again went busy in his business of looking after Pokemons.

This scene has become quite regular at my

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