When kites gave a learning lesson to all!


Kite Festival at Jal Mahal in Jaipur

Kite Festival at Jal Mahal in Jaipur

Initially, they were a little resistant to go up, then they were let loose; zag, they came down; again, they were let loose and enabled to go up; yeah; they were seen going up; then again, they were given a little more freedom, and wow, they touched the skies.

Making a mark for themselves rising high on the horizons, these kites shared the success mantra.

They shared how they were resistant to go up initially as they enjoyed to be in their comfort zone, initially, sitting idly in the lap of their owner. The more they were pulled and restricted, the more they were seen aggrieved. And as a little freedom was given, they were seen setting themselves free, going with the air, up high, high and higher!

Searching and struggling to find its path, some of the kites were seen entangling with other kites, while others were seen flying high putting all their energies to make a mark for themselves.

They knew that they will fall down sometime, but they tried all the way to swirl, sway and set themselves over and above among other kites.

Down, sitting in a corner, I was amazed looking at the fighting spirit of th

When people prefer sitting on their terrace and enjoy flying kites

When people prefer sitting on their terrace and enjoy flying kites

ese kites. Irrespective of the presence of bigger kites, illuminated kites and the beautiful kites which were garnering the attention of one and all, the smaller kites were the real heroes as they made a mark and were the winners emerging like dark horse and stealing the show.

Isn't it an interesting lesson for all of us.

In our real lives, we too are stuck with our resistance but a little freedom from our egos and prejudiced minds help us carve a path and we attain newer heights. We too get disheartened looking at shining stars surrounding us, but then, we have the capacity to emerge as the winner, like a dark horse.

What do you say?