There are many ‘Salmans’ roaming in jungles; please check them too

So, after been jailed for killing two blackbucks, Salman has been bailed too, yet again, leaving a big discussion trail. Some say, he should have been jailed, the others are happy with his bail.

But then, are we aware that there are many other ‘Salmans’ roaming in jungles too? They might not be killing blackbucks, but are leaving no stone unturned to destroy the ecosystem of mute animals. 

These ‘Salmans’ are allowing endless number of vehicles to enter into the jungle premises. The tourists in these vehicles breach each forest norm; they scream to their loudest, throw open packets of chips, biscuits and cold drinks. Also, their large-sized canters and gypsies zoom freely in their ecosystem, frightening the mute animals. Fearing of the ‘foreign creatures' openly rooming in their homes, these animals hide in their respective houses, which basically remain untraced by mankind in jungles.


So scared are these animals that they fear coming out to drink water from lakes too, being aware of the big tourist crowd, surrounding their water resource.

Recently, during a trip to Ranthambore, we were surprised to see several vehicles roaming recklessly in jungle. It was a long weekend and hence the tourist number was big too. But the number of animals in jungle was quite less as the forest ecosystem was seen dominated by tourists, drivers and rangers. Some 10 gypsies and canter parked around with a small lake with over 200 people in it didn't make me feel as if we are in jungles.

The screams of kids, the sounds of plastic bags, the packets of chips, wafers and cold drink bottles spread around raised my concerns for the animals staying there.

So don’t you think we, as humans, should toe a line while entering the jungles. The code of conduct we follow while entering the house of our neighbours and relatives should be followed in this endeavour too.

Don’t you think that the entry of tourists be limited to certain number in jungles? Also the vehicles plying in jungle should be restricted as they disturb the animal’s peace of life.

No matter how strict laws have been made to check poaching, the need of the hour is to ensure that the species live the best of their lives in forests. Let them co-exist with other species without interference of human species. They too need their own space…isn't it?