Story of the stone goes live in Jaipur @Gems and Jewellery Museum

stone7.001Does the pristine beauty of stones available in vibrant array of colours fascinate you? Do you love flipping through the pages of Jaipur history to know more about its gem and jewellery industry? Are you keen to explore the world of stones ? Does the exquisite jewellery entice you? If you have ‘yes’ as answer to all these questions, then you should visit the new Gem and Jewellery Museum in Jaipur which opened its doors to visitors on Sept 26, 2017.

Situated in the heart of the city in Rajasthan Chambers building, this Museum acquaints you with the rich legacy that Jaipur enjoys in gem cutting and polishing. The Gem and Jewellery Museum has been a long-cherished dream of the Jaipur trade, which has finally turned into reality with the uniting efforts of the trade along with the vision of Dr Rajnikant Shah, Coordinator of Museum of Gem and Jewellery Federation.
Showcasing diverse specimen related to stones’ origin, this museum shares the history of trade and displays legacy of exquisite craftsmanship. It has been brought to Jaipur as the Pink City has become the world’s biggest and largest gem cutting and stone polishing centre.

This museum shares the journey of a stone which is a gift of mother nature. From raw piece to its transformation to become a gem and its sojourn from mining to manufacturing to its conversion into jewellery has been displayed beautifully here. Right at the entrance of the museum, there are names of the world famous stones scripted on walls.

World-famous stones displayed in the museum in jaipur

World-famous stones displayed in the museum in jaipur

As you step inside, the world of stones welcomes you. The showcasing of the rough as well as the original stones such as Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Coral, Aqua Marine, Kunzite, Tanzanite and many more, speaks stories of the transformational phases of stones. The display of wide variety of colourful stones in their most original forms, the mesmerising beauty of imported stones, including Labdorite, meteorite and many others and the display of florescent stones under the dancing UV lights bedazzle all with their scintillating sheen.
As you walk ahead, you are sure to stop at gemological maps of Rajasthan, India and the world pasted on passage walls which display places from where these stones originate. You can delve deep into the history by looking at pictures of traders attending their first auction in the year 1948.
The most appealing Navratna section of the museum

The most appealing Navratna section of the museum

Next, seek blessings for peace and prosperity at the navratna wall section. As Planets manifest themselves in your life, the museum reflects the same thoughts through the nine idols of planetary Gods .
Coming ahead is the scintillating diamond world! Here you know more on clarity, colour, carat and cut prospectives of diamond. Get lured with the sheen of natural diamonds, manmade diamonds and replicas of world famous diamonds.

Then comes the special section displaying the most exquisite jewellery. Embedded with stones, kundan, meena and diamonds, the classic jewellery designs carved on gold and silver bespeak the story of unmatched and exclusive craftsmanship.

The handcrafted creative jewellery woos you with its beauty; the fusion jewellery blending Indian and western touch appeals you and the costume jewellery made with semi-precious stones lures you with its elegant designs. The shiny pearls and beautiful beads will also allure you with their pristine and classy looks.

Jewellers from across the world have donated exquisite jewelleries to ensure this museum gets the best display in the world.