Is this the time to Quit Delhi to avoid pollution attacking your lungs?


Birdie from Denmark who doesnt love Delhi anymore

At a time when Quit Delhi campaign is going viral, I happened to meet a traveller from Denmark who has stopped visiting Delhi since last four years as she thinks that Indian capital is no more a decent place to be visited. She was quite excited when we started discussing India. She said that she has been visiting India every alternate year as she is into garment business.

“I am in love with India and its people. I love its culture and heritage. But Jaipur is something which remains very close to my heart,” she adds.

“Oh Jaipur is really pretty. Even I am in love with the city, and hence now am rethinking of my plans to shift back to Delhi-my native place,” I told her in general conversation. Quit Delhi was there in my mind too!

“Delhi—-I have stopped visiting this city four years back. I hate its traffic, its pollution and rowdiness of people. I feel very unsafe there,” she blasted

“Once, I used to visit Delhi each year, It was on my regular itinerary. However, my experiences of being in the city turned from bad to worst and hence I altogether stopped visiting this city.”


Smoggy road in Delhi

Her immediate comments were blunt but quite honest. There was pain in her eyes when she was describing Delhi. Her excitement for India altogether fainted and she, I think, was lost in some experiences which were really not good.

You can’t walk in Delhi feeling safe, she continued and hence I will never visit Delhi.

OMG, let’s change topic, I said..What about Jaipur?

Jaipur is quite pretty, beautiful and quite safe too, I feel safe walking on streets here no matter what’s the time, she again started chirping forgetting the pains of Delhi plight.

But this discussion forced me to think again-should we relocate or not. We have come to Jaipur due to my husband’s transfer. However, now when he was transferred back, should we shift or not-was the question to be answered.

I discussed the same with Birdie and she was quick to answer—hey-stay here- You will be lucky to be a part of this beautiful city.

Oh ok—will think and I was back home, recalling my discussion about Delhi with friends who are there. They too were not so happy with Delhi’s air. They too want to set up a new home, away from Delhi-but it is not so easy for a common man.


Lost in Delhi even during daytime

Families and friends suffer in Delhi

Most of the friends have faced Delhi blues, when they were coughing, they had teary eyes, their kids are developing asthma. In tough times, even medical bodies are warning patients to be out from Delhi for a few days and what not!

But no body cares. We didn't even had crackers this Diwali, one of my friends had shared her pain.
Suddenly, it reminded of Birdie’s love for her government, “Our government is very caring. The moment they see a problem coming, they get to its solution then and there.”

They saw the traffic increasing on a particular road and within a month, they had other road ready.

But then they might have cut some trees in the process? I asked,

No, there were some locked factories and they cashed in on them and made a way to ensure there is no congestion on roads.

We don't cut trees on cost of development—that is a No No policy in Denmark, she uttered in pride.

And this was the time, when I was feeling low, for there was no answers on how I can talk tall for the government in Delhi.

Are they caring for its people, are they taking action, are they standing for what they promised? With these many questions,, I end here with a question in my mind which is going on Facebook— ‘Should we Quit Delhi?