For two days, Fortis Jaipur charged Rs 2.75 lakh but my dad couldn’t be saved

RKDelhi government recently cancelled the licence of Max Shalimar Bagh and believe me, I feel that this is the best ever decision made by any government against the errant and greedy medical authorities. This December 16, it will be a year when I lost my dad who was being treated at Fortis Jaipur. They charged Rs 2.75 lakh for two days. The third day, they had put tape on his eyes, his body organs were not functioning, but the ventilator cost and medicine bill was adding to their revenue and hence, they were minting money in the process. We knew his condition and hence preferred taking LAMA. But in between, there are many questions which remain unanswered to me:

  • My father was all ok. He just complained of dizziness and hence I took him to hospital. Fortis Jaipur admitted him in a ward where we weren't allowed. Why?
  • They said you can take him with you the next day. He looks ok, but then, again, he was made to stay in an isolated ward for two days where he could not spend time with his family. Why? Any answers, Fortis Jaipur?
  • My dad had liver problem and hence was not permitted to have pain killers. But he was given the same. He informed me that why are they giving me this dose? But because we trusted doctors, I said he knows better dad. And he too nodded. Aren't the doctors answerable for this question of his?
  • We were allowed twice in a day to meet him. When I went, the patient on the neighbouring bed asked me that I should help him drink his soup. The doctors are just not bothered here. He kept asking for water whole night and they didn't attend him, she complained in a raised pitch. I was in tears. Why was he not attended?
  • Same night, he was put on ventilator. They had no answers of what went wrong? Why?JaipurJaipurJaipurprofile_IPDRECEPTION_600x393px
    Besides these questions, there are lot many other queries which were bouncing in my brains and I really wanted to take them forward once dad was well, but it didn't happen. In fact, he too left for the better world where such questions may not arise because there might not be such a class of greedy doctors. Rest in peace dad! We miss you!