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World famous America’s Hershey chocolate company honoured Dr. Kriti Bharti

On International Women’s Day, world famous America’s Hershey chocolate company honoured Dr. Kriti Bharti, managing trustee and rehabilitation psychologist ofc in a special manner.

The Company launched their unique Her-She campaign by illustrating Dr. Kriti

Bharti’s life struggles and work of child marriage annulment on the cover and sleeves of Hershey’s chocolate bar. Now the company will distribute this special edition of chocolates for free.

International chocolate manufacturing company Hershey launched their Her-She campaign on Women’s Day in India this year after Brazil in which Dr. Kriti Bharti was included for a unique campaign for the annulation and prevention of child marriages. The company launched this special edition of chocolate with the Her-She rises. In which Dr. Kriti’s photograph is illustrated on the chocolate front cover. At the same time, a slogan was given to it which says ‘Jako Rakhe Saiyan’.

World famous America’s Hershey chocolate company honoured Dr. Kriti Bharti

That defines Dr. Kriti as risking her own life and saving the lives of innocents. Her own childhood also passed through several struggles. Recovering from the sufferings of her own childhood, she is now saving the children from abuse and exploitation. On the cover back of the chocolate, Dr. Kriti’s struggle to annul and prevent child marriages has been illustrated. Probably, this is the first time in India when an international chocolate brand has launched a special chocolate edition in the honour of a social activist. Earlier, the Reebok company had also launched a social media campaign by doing a special shoot in honour of Dr. Kriti Bharti.

It is worth mentioning that Dr. Kriti Bharti of Saarthi Trust had annulled the first child marriage of the country. The Saarthi Trust has so far annulled 41 pairs of child marriages. At the same time, over 1400 child marriage have been stopped. In 2015, Dr. Kriti Bharti annulled two child marriages in three days and registered names in several records including World Records India and Limca Book of Records. CBSE also included Saarthi’s campaign in the Class 11 syllabus. Dr.

Kriti Bharti has been included into the World Top Ten Activist List of Taffd Magazine, List of 100 Influential Women of BBC, Marwar and Mewar Ratna and other national and international honors for saving the children from exploitation.

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